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window cleaning

Our Window Cleaning Services

Will Save You Time, Effort & Money.

Window Cleaning Done right

Our window cleaning services will take care of all windows inside and outside your home or business. 

  • Glass inside & outside

  • Window frames, sills & sidetracks

  • Sliding doors

  • Skylights

  • Bug screens

Claim your FREE window cleaning estimate today, and compare the pros.

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Window Cleaning

For Residential & Commercial

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Window cleaning helps you feel well and happy at home or work. Since you may not have the time to do it yourself, we offer a full-service window cleaning adapted to your needs.


If you have a lot of windows, floors and rooms, we can help with our affordable window cleaning services.

We believe in careful attention to details rather than just hurrying to complete the job. As part of our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, no window cleaning job is complete until you are entirely satisfied.

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Our window cleaning services will remove dirt, dust, stains, and grime, and leave sparkling clean windows. 


We apply water, eco-friendly cleaning products, and a lot of dedication to make your windows and screens look impeccable.


Our staff is trained, and we use traditional squeegees with new eco-friendly cleaning products, leaving no trace or streaks. Your windows will be spotless.   

4 Reasons to hire us for your next window cleaning

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Full-service window cleaning

Our window cleaning services cover it all! Inside, outside, frame, sills, screens, etc. Our offer covers the entire ecosystem of your window

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Insured, Licensed & Bonded

As a reliable window cleaning company, we offer a worry-free guarantee. We observe and implement the most strict safety rules to make sure you have the best window cleaning experience.

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Flexible, prompt & professional

We agree on the scope of work, and we arrive on time on the day agreed. If there is any change on your side, we can adjust to your circumstances. Ultimately, we want the window cleaning job to be done right.

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Our prices are very competitive and all our window cleaning offers are customizable based on what you need and your budget.

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I was very happy and satisfied with the excellent job that Cecilio and his wife did cleaning our office windows. The response time was quick and they were very punctual. The work was efficient and well done with great results! I would highly recommend this service.

Andrew Hoffman

Five-Star Google Review

Window Cleaning FAQ

Why should I consider window cleaning services periodically?

Besides the pure appeal of a clean window, window cleaning helps prevent glass degradation. The maintenance of your windows is of utmost importance to avoid seeing permanent streaks, contaminations, and etching of the glass surface. If you live near a wooded area, a busy roadway, or construction site, it is a good idea to clean your windows frequently. Dirt particles will enter the glass pores, contaminating and corroding the glass. We offer free estimates and have client fidelity programs. So, your window cleaning can be budgeted and scheduled in advance.

We want to sell our house. we want our windows cleaned frequently for visits. Do you offer packages?

We offer special conditions if you plan to sell your property and need frequent window cleaning services.

We work with realtors and families trying to sell their homes. Hence, we have offers that meet your needs and expectations.

Give a call to T's Professional Services to learn more about our offers and get FREE estimates. 

Can i reduce allergens and improve the air quality with window cleaning?

Dirt, dust, pollen, and debris may be allergens present in your home. Swipe your finger along the sills of your windows or glass and take a closer look. Just like furniture and floors, windows can collect contaminants and allergens over time that may impact your air quality. Connect with T's Professional Services to get a FREE estimate.

how do you clean windows? is there anything special about what you do?

We use professional squeegees, water, and eco-friendly window cleaning products. What makes us different is that we use professional grade equipment and cleaning products that you do not find at your retail store. We also use ladders to reach high windows.   

What sets you apart in the window cleaning industry?

We do not cut corners. We do not rush projects. We do not consider window cleaning as a commodity or recreation. We want to build trust and reputation as the basis of our business. We pride ourselves to leave windows spotless once we are done and never leave a home with an unsatisfied homeowner. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please consider connecting with us for more details.

Can I pair window cleaning with other exterior cleaning services?

Yes. We provide other services that can be combined the same day of your window cleaning. We offer soft washing, power washing, and gutter cleaning. Depending on the season or condition of your exteriors, we can propose a more holistic approach to your exterior cleaning needs. We offer FREE estimates and consultations.

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