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Soft washing

Our Soft Washing Services will clean your property without the risk of any damage or permanent marks.

your soft washing pros

Hire your soft power wash pros today to clean your property safely.

Our proprietary soft washing method will reduce the risks of damaging sidings, wood, concrete, bricks, and stones or mark them permanently.

Claim your FREE soft washing estimate today, and compare the pros.

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Soft Washing

For Residential & Commercial

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Soft Washing is ideal for removing dirt, mildew, and other organic components that negatively impact your property's appeal. 

Using a combination of eco-friendly detergent and low pressure, non-abrasive water jet, soft washing is ideal to kill harmful organic components. 

Our eco-friendly cleaning formula attacks the contaminants while preserving the integrity of your siding, wood, concrete, bricks, and stones.  

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When cleaning the exterior of your property, our soft washing services kills mold, mildew, and algae instead of just blasting it off and causing further damage to your property.

With our soft washing techniques and special eco-friendly formula, we can offer full exterior house washing services without bringing any damage to surfaces.


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4 Reasons to hire us for soft washing services

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We do not leave your property as long as you are not fully satisfied with our soft washing services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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SAFEty & expertise

Our proprietary cleaning formula is safe for people, kids, and pets. Our soft washing process is safe for your building and the rest of your property that we clean. We use years of expertise and know-how to make sure the job is done right.

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It's part of our worry-free guarantee. We observe and implement the most stringent safety rules to make sure our soft washing operations do not create any concern.

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flexible, prompt & Professional

No matter the circumstances, we offer 24/7 soft washing services. Our soft washing process is based on the best products and know-how gained through years of experience to help you whenever you need us most.

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Great job! Attention to detail was great! I’m picky and T’s made my day! 

Michelle Conicello

Five-Star Google Review

Soft Washing FAQ

What is Soft Washing? Is it efficient to address my exterior cleaning needs?

Soft washing is a cleaning method using a low-pressure washing technique using water and a specific cleaning formula. The aim is to eliminate exterior contaminants to clean exterior surfaces and remove any organic stain, mold, mildew, and algae. 

What's the difference between soft washing, pressure washing, and power washing?

Soft washing, power, and pressure washing use different equipment, pressure, and techniques. Soft washing uses less water pressure and does not require hot water to be efficient. In all cases, soft washing is done with biodegradable and safe cleaning solutions to clean surfaces. As water is used to wash off the cleaning solution, no damage is caused to surfaces. Also, dirt, mold, mildew, and other organic components are not blasted into the air but contained in the water.

Why should I consider soft washing instead of the other techniques?

Soft washing can be used on any surface that is traditionally hard to clean with pressure washing. You should also consider soft washing if some materials need greater attention and care to avoid any damage that greater pressure would cause. For instance, pressure washing can cause damage to windows, screens, wood panels, and more. The soft washing process relies on the activation of biodegradable cleaning solutions to attack mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants.

can I use soft washing to clean my roof? 

Soft washing can be used on any surface including shingles. At T's Professional Services, roof cleaning using soft washing is part of our services. If you have black streaks on your roof, it is a sign of contamination. Soft washing is ideal to address that type of issue that can have damaging effects over time. Initially, the soft washing method was developed to address the decontamination of shingles to preserve their beauty and longevity. Soft washing is the safest way to clean your roof titles without compromising the integrity of the shingles.

WHAT does t's professional services soft washing process look like?

Soft washing starts with thorough preparation. We protect the grass, flowers, or shrubs close to the surface we treat. Once we make sure that the surrounding is secured, we spray the cleaning solution on the surface we need to clean. After about ten minutes, we rinse off the cleaning solution with water. Once all surfaces are treated and cleaned, we review the job we've done with our clients and make sure the full scope of work was duly delivered.

what cleaning solutions are you using?

Our soft washing process involves environmentally-friendly chemicals. Our solution is a mix of water, an environmentally-friendly algaecide to kill contaminants, and surfactants to loosen and trap dirt and dust. The application of our cleaning solution is timed. We usually apply the solution for ten minutes on average before we rinse off the surfaces. Volumes of chemicals per gallon are measured cautiously to remain safe for surfaces, people, and pets. Concentrations vary depending on the type of job and contamination we deal with.

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